Meet Our Board

Isaac Sutphin


Tammy Bauman

Co-Vice President

“I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to give, as we all possess the capacity to love, and love is something we can give freely.”

I am deeply committed to addressing the needs within our community and I am especially committed to addressing food insecurity. The Friday Food Bag Foundation spoke to my heart as I believe that no child should ever go hungry. My community-minded approach inspires me to give back, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for everyone. Having been married for 40 years, I’ve raised my family in this
community, cultivating strong local connections and a deep sense of belonging.

Amanda Santee

Co-Vice President

Wendy Ross


Erin Berry


Erin shares, “I’m so grateful to be a part of this organization. Together with the community, we truly make a difference, and it’s an honor to be one small piece of the Friday Food Bag Foundation.”

Erin Berry is the Treasurer for the Friday Food Bag Foundation and has been a Board member since 2021. Erin is an attorney with the law firm of Hirst Applegate and the mother of two amazing children. Erin became a lawyer to advocate for people, and her role on the Friday Food Bag Foundation Board of Directors allows her to pursue that passion outside of the legal realm. When Erin learned of the Friday Food Bag Foundation, the mission spoke to her and moved her. At Erin’s first bag fill, she became emotional at the thought of children not being fed over the weekends and overwhelmed by the sense of community support for those children. After learning about the organization, Erin instantly knew she wanted to have an active role in promoting the mission and working towards feeding children who might not otherwise eat over the weekends.

Jon Weaver

Board Member

Kasey Schlueter

Board Member

Susann Robbins

Board Member

Carla Bankes

Board Member

She is a devoted professional with over 25 years of experience in improving child nutrition through her work with USDA Child Nutrition Programs. As a passionate Registered Dietitian, she has had the privilege of serving in various capacities across Texas, Colorado, and Wyoming, enriching her understanding of regional nutritional needs. Carla finds immense fulfillment in nurturing children’s health and well-being through her work. When Carla is not focused on nutrition, she cherishes moments spent with her family, creating culinary delights in the kitchen, and embarking on enriching travel experiences.

Althea Farthing

Board Member

Bill Albrecht

Board Member

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